Clean Technologies

Clean Tech Solution

Process Research ORTECH's focus on Sustainable Development has resulted in a number of innovative Cleantech programs. Several projects have been carried out at PRO towards materials recycling including solid and liquid streams. PRO has been active in the area of developing processing options to produce value added products from metal containing wastes including sludges, slimes, dust, catalysts, effluents and other recyclables.

Effluent Water Treatment

PRO advised an international client on measures to prevent ground water pollution caused by pumping water loaded with salt and dye residue in to a river. The recommended process consisting of novel pretreatment steps followed by reverse osmosis produces high quality water. Adoption of the process is expected to provide 80% of the local water requirements. The remaining water can be treated in solar trays for salt recovery.

Treatment of Flyash

Fly ash produced in power generation contains un-burnt carbon making it unacceptable for use in construction. Solution: The novel Torbed- technology offers a unique method for solving the problem. In this reactor the fly ash is burned at controlled temperatures where the carbon is removed. In addition the ash produced was found more suitable for making construction materials than the normal fly ash due to its pozzalonic properties