GHG Reduction in Gold Processing

A patent pending technology is being developed to eliminate the production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the processing of gold bearing carbon fines. Pyrometallurgy is normally used that involves burning of the carbon at elevated temperatures, which unfortunately has negative environmental implications due to challenges associated with CO2 gas emissions and mercury removal.

The breakthrough technology developed offers high recovery of Au from carbon fines, no GHG emissions and the potential for repurposing of the carbon for battery applications.

Repurposing and Recycling of Li Ion Batteries

The value of global Li- ion Battery (LIB) market is projected to reach US$127.8 Billion by 2027. Limited resources and the rise of raw material prices are expected to become a challenge to implement electrification of transportation and adoption of large scale renewable energy sources such as solar and wind due to storage shortage.

PRO is working toward the development of a circular economy for the LIB in partnership with Electrovaya, a leading battery developer and supplier to repurpose, recondition and reuse batteries along with recycling and recovery of the valuable materials with high purity at end of life..

Reduction of waste tailings in Zn production

A process technology has been developed that has the ability to treat various feed and residue streams in Zn processing with the benefit of not only increasing Zn recovery but also recovering minor metals such as Ag, Cu and Pb which are only partially recovered or lost in conventional operations.