Technology Incubation

Technology Incubation

PRO with its technical experts and extensive facilities and available infrastructure can help emerging technologies develop from concept to commercialization.

Lab and pilot space is available to host the next great innovation.

PRO has worked with various start-ups and SME’s in the mining, metallurgy and materials sectors to provide a critical platform for proving nascent technologies and demonstrating concepts for investment. Contact us on how we can help.

The Basic Role of Technology Incubation:

The basic objective of innovation which includes the process of new products, processes or new organizational forms is deeply rooted in helping human beings live a comfortable life. Technology business incubation is one such arrangement where the start-ups explore their ideas into visionary dreams under a guided support by the incubator. The study with an objective to map the key components and the roles of various actors and agencies influencing the incubation process employs the case study method using the system of innovation approach to understand the process of incubation.