ESG Consulting

Mining operations are often found in rural and remote places. The communities in these areas are usually poor and underserved. Their living conditions are often inadequate even during the operation and worsen when the mines close. Isolated villages depend on subsistence farming and often the access to clean water, electricity, cooking facility, healthcare and education is always at the lowest in the country.

Process Research Ortech believes in sustainable economic prosperity in rural areas by integrating a Smart Villages approach strategy for mining operations and other socio-economic activities. Process Research Ortech offers consulting services to government and private institutions for capacity building to develop and deploy appropriate and adaptable clean technologies in the mining and metallurgy sector. Process Research Ortech will develop with the client a customizable roadmap for innovative process development from concept to commercialization with emphasis on local value-addition, wealth creation, climate-smart mining practices (ESG, SDGs), and community development.